Ultra Realism Mod Download

The aim of this mod is to balance Ark survival and make things more realistic. But one of the cool things this mod adds is the Bull Trex as you can see in the video below. Its basically a giant T Rex. The mod does some other small stuff such as changing the names of dinos / mobs. So rather than seeing the short version of the name you see the long version. Unfortunetly this mod has been discontinued, which means its no longer being developed. The reason for this is because the developer of this mod could not balance certain things, and needed to rely on the developers of Ark to fix it. But the developers are focusing on adding new content rather than balancing the game. The good news is the developers of ark have released a tool which allows modders to balance elements of the game to make it more mod friendly, and the developer of this mod has created this mod again ..

The new version is the Ultra Realism Mod – Total Conversion

Ultra Realism Mod Showcase:

Ultra Realism Mod Download 


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