Minecraft PS3/PS4 Herobrines Mansion Map World

Map Description:

Herobrine! A myth or is he real? we have all had those moments when we have doubted our very understanding of reality and the world as we know it, ghosts, are they real? Well there is no better place to hunt for such entities than at Herobrines Mansion a vast creepy mansion with sliding walls and passages between the walls, hidden doors behind paintings, a vast sub terrain cave network and grand master dining hall, a maze, grave yard and so much more every corner of Herobrines Mansion is dark and creepy and only the brave dare to explore this world by MCC Crafting.
Available for PS3/PS4, PC and coming soon to Xbox


This map was created by MCC Crafting.

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Minecraft PS3/PS4 Herobrines Mansion Map World Download

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